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We raise the best quality, most nutritious, 
ethically raised food!

From Our Farm to Your Plate

Why we choose to homestead...

We are a small family homestead in Reily Township, Ohio. We have always been interested in maximizing our health but in recent years have become disenchanted with the food system and "healthcare" system.  We made it our mission to raise or grow 90% of our food with regenerative agriculture principles to maximize health through nutrition and better our environment through land stewardship. Our formula for vibrant health and a flourishing planet is simple...Healthy soil leads to healthy plants, which feed healthy animals and ultimately healthy humans.  

Pasture Raised Meat We Offer


Thank you everyone for an amazing first year!  We have virtually sold out of most of our supplies but we are gearing up for even more next season!  We have at least 100 new laying hens that should be producing soon. We have plans to raise even more meat chickens than last year. We are building our pork supply and have even started our beef herd! We look forward to supplying you with the most nutritious, ethically raised food next season!

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