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Our Story

We are the Stitzel family.  Matt (Dad), Angie (Mom), Gracelyn (Daughter), and Peyton (Daughter).  Our Homestead is in rural Southwestern Ohio.

Our home was built in 2006 on 5 acres of the 100 acre family farm.  I have been planting a garden each year since 2000 and learning a little each year.  It started as a hobby and a way to have fresh fruit and vegetables in the Summer.  Each year we would can or freeze some of the garden harvest and my goal with each crop was to have enough to get us through to the next harvest.  Most years I didn’t reach my goal but it was enjoyable and we always had delicious fresh food each Summer.


I have always been interested in Health and Fitness but thought most of the results came from time in the gym.  However, I never thought that my efforts in the gym were producing the degree of results I expected.  As the years passed I always worked out and ate what I thought was “healthy”, however I was still gaining fat and wasn’t nearly as healthy as I should have been with my exercise efforts and supposed “healthy eating”.


Approximately 6 years ago we started noticing a significant decline in the quality of beef and chicken we were buying at the local grocery store.  It got to the point that some of the meals just weren’t pleasurable to eat so we changed our spending habits and began trying to find better quality meat.  Simultaneously I began a quest to find the truth behind what a “healthy” diet actually was.  You see, I had a degree in Exercise Science and a Minor in Nutrition and actually knew almost nothing about proper human nutrition.  I began to learn how Big Food, Big Ag, and Big Pharma control most of the information surrounding the food supply.  As I dug deeper I realized that my approach was all wrong for years and decided to change everything.  


Enter Regenerative Agriculture practices.  We are now in the process of reclaiming the land and soil with practices that produce biodiversity, water retention, and carbon capture.  

Our tagline is:  Healthy soil produces healthy plants which produce healthy animals which produce healthy humans.


Now we are taking it one step further and trying to raise or grow 90% of our food.  It is my goal to produce the highest quality, most nutrient dense food,  to feed myself, my family, and our community.


The changes in my diet finally equated to more energy, the loss of 30-40 lbs, better sleep, and no more allergy pills. 


If you are also determined to improve your health, consume the best quality food possible, and support local business, then please consider being one of our satisfied customers.

family pic 2022.png
Justin and Rebekah Rhodes

We were fortunate to attend the Homestead Festival in Columbia, TN in June 2023 where we got meet and mingle with all the folks that inspired us to take this journey into homesteading.  Justin and Rebekah Rhodes (Abundance Plus), Shawn and Beth Dougherty, and Jason Contreras from Sow the Land.  

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